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institute >> our big story, and the u.s. and arab peace envoy is calling for a cease-fire in syria. syrian abbas said government forces have carried out mobile air strike -- activists said government forces have carried out multiple air strikes. >> a stark warning and a glimmer of hope from the international mediator on syria. the convoy appointed by the united nations and the arab league warned that the conflict could spill over the borders and in golf the entire region. they propose a four-day cease- fire beginning next week to mark a muslim holy day. >> the invitation, if successful, will allow us to build upon it a real truce, eventually building a process that will allow the syrians to solve their problems and build the syria vague dream of. -- the dream of. >> rebel forces have yet to agree. the civil war has been going on for 20 months with some of the worst fighting occurring in recent weeks. a syrian activist group estimates that more than 30,000 people have been killed. the conflict has been called "catastrophic." >> the search is on for the man police say s
cutters, sliders, if curveballs. >> first pitch is tonight at 8:37. jennifer tells us have the uncertainty of the one game playoff is creating a conundrum for local businesses. >> baltimore waiting to see if they can beat texas in texas and then come back to take on the yankees. in the meantime, businesses are finding themselves in the classic hurry up and wait situation. a win on friday means putting things in high gear, creating a divisional t-shirt. >> we are hoping they are going to win on friday. we will come in and start printing on saturday. >> at this hotel, a fried a win would mean a huge boom in business, as it did friday -- affright a win would mean a huge boom in business as yankees fans are known for coming to baltimore to watch the games. then there is the beer. the more than 160 employees at this distribution company are waiting with bated breath. not only do they supply beer to bars and restaurants, they have an important client vital to this weekend. >> camden yards is our big clients with 40,000-50,000 people. >> for now, it is a wait and see situation. >> if we lose, the
to where orange and support of the birds. robbie joins us with more accurate course there's a banner out of city hall, saying good luck orioles. >> go! o-r-i-o-l-e-s! hundreds gathered to show support for the orioles. and tonight and new york city. the new banner, which hangs right in front of city hall. everyone is excited about the orioles. >> we are going to make it always starting with this year. [applause] >> how amazing has this month been? >> it reminds me of 1966 when the orioles won the world series. that is the feeling we have today. that is the feeling that i want them to have in new york city we can sweep them and beat them in your. >> good luck, orioles. >> thank you so much. while the orange excitement is certainly a point of pride, the better business bureau says it could make them easy targets for scams. that is because you are buying tickets for games that are not guaranteed to happen. at&t officials said there are ways to protect yourselves from blowing up to $1,200 on a bogus ticket. the recommend using a credit card to stop payment if necessary. counterfeit tickets ar
joins us outside the high school with the latest. >> police tell us that they were called to the school around 10:00 this morning, owings mills high school, for a call about someone with a gun. when it they are rife, they found that a student brought an air soft bb gun inside the school and was showing off to other students. they believe no threats were made in this case. the student was taken into custody and students at the school who don't feel comfortable staying can leave if their parents are willing to come pick them up. that is the latest we know right now. we are talking to school officials as well as the police to find out details. the school was placed on temporary lockdown while the situation was dealt with. again, all clear at the school. students are free to leave if their parents are willing to pick them up. in owings mills, i am lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> president barack obama hopes for a second chance to make a good first debate impression. he will face off against republican challenger mitt romney in the second matchup of the election season. hallie jackson has
the coast or in new york city or something. we will use these various models to try to get an idea of where it is going to go. the present thought is that there are predominant models out there. there is the cgs model and then the high resolution model. the european model has been the most consistent and that puts it in ocean city monday afternoon. the other model put it in new york city tuesday afternoon. a big difference between those two models. and then another model puts it monday evening near providence, rhode island. those dots that are happening there are pretty small. no matter where the storm lands, is going to be a huge storm. any of those three locations as well as others will be affected. the closer it gets to us, the more intense the storm. we will have more coming in just a few minutes. >> we appreciate it. hurricane sandy has already left destruction in its path in cuba, killing at least 11 people. residents along the east coast are urged to get ready. >> serves up on portlock -- fort lauderdale beach where hurricanes tandy is being -- is making an impact offshore. it is exp
police are asking for the public's help to catch the killer of u.s. servicemen. they have identified him as 24 year-old alonso gladen. he had been on leave just one day from the navy. he was based in norfolk, virginia. last night as he and the relative to exit their vehicle, police say they were visiting family, two men approached, firing shots. the relative that he was with was unharmed. please do not have a motive and have not identified any suspects and is asking anyone with information to call city police. crime stoppers is also offering a reward. >> meantime, city police are also investigating another light that homicide, this one in east baltimore. officers found the victim, identified as james utley. he was transported to hopkins suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his head and torso. he died a short time later. police have no suspect in the case. if you have information on either of these cases, contact detectives. the roland park minty on edge today following two armed robberies minutes apart. now police are looking for three men. the first robbery occurred at par run 2:00
marriage, and voting rights. one of the first cases will focus on the university of texas and the use of race to fill classes. still to come, a look at the dangers of electrical power strips. what you need to know before using what in your home or office. >> next up, we will focus on the radar as we watch the next batch of rain in its way into maryland. first, a live look at ocean city from the grand hotel. >> no doubt you remember the megamillions craziness from april when a mcdonald's employee claimed to have the winning ticket but never produced it. 14 of her co-workers that were part of the lottery pool are suing her, claiming that not only did she have the winning ticket, but she and her lawyer came up with the and elaborate plan to have the three public school teachers come forward to attending to be the winners to throw everyone else off. lottery officials left after hearing of the lawsuit, saying that the teachers are the verified winners. your daily pick three and pick four numbers are st. ahead -- straight ahead. in "consumer alert," u.s. agriculture economists say that repo
of the police union says anderson's injuries are consistent with a standard take down maneuver used to arrest a suspect who may be armed. the officers involved have been suspended. baltimore city police tell 17- year-old student is now charged as an adult. officers arrested the boy thursday after he reportedly stabbed another star -- student during a monday morning fight. the victim was taken to johns hopkins and the charges include attempted first-degree murder. two men are in police custody facing charges in connection to a kidnapping and sexual assault in baltimore county. a 17-year-old girl says she was abducted every day she got off an mta bus monday afternoon. police have identified the suspect. s. they say the two men forced the girl into an suv were they assaulted her. they took her cell phone, wallet, and id before dropping her off. >> we absolutely believe these kids are connected. the pattern is almost identical. those of victims were accosted in virtually the same place. they're both dropped off at the same bus stop and forced at gunpoint into a ford suv. the description of the ve
. >> the kenyan women brought back to the u.s. to answer charges of abusing a nursing home patient has pled not guilty today. the trial date for anise tussah is no scheduled for december 12. her legend of use of a 90-year- old man was caught on tape, fled to native kenya before she could be brought up on charges. after a five-year search and an extradition process, she was returned to the u.s. last month. the two men convicted of murdering a man outside capt. town center will learn their fate today. prosecutors are talking about life in prison without parole. there to members of the back row of family gang. -- they are two members of the black guerrilla family gain. just before 5:30 p.m. yesterday, police say that a man was walking in and home and was supported leave reproached -- and lose reportedly approached from behind and shot in the torso. today, the community is remembering five people killed yesterday in the early-morning house fire in northeast baltimore. stuffed animals and candles marked the entrance of the home were the four children and their grandmother were killed. nine famil
as the place to be. president obama is headed back there later this week. >> if you stand with us and knock on doors with me, make some phone calls with me, we will win montgomery county again. we will win ohio again. >> romney plans to hit ohio hard today, heading there today. if both campaigns are trying to get their supporters out to vote early. >> i want you to make sure to begin voting early. early voting has already started. >> with the race so close in these final days, the candidates are spending big bucks, nearing $1 billion on advertising. >> i will lead you in an open and honest way. i asked for your vote. i would like to be the next president to support this great nation. >> it's an honor to be your president and i'm asking for your votes so together we can keep moving america fort. >> there are still a couple weeks left for campaign ads. that means things could potentially get ugly. >> still ahead, speaking of the ever nearing election, a scam may be trying to steal your votes. how you can avoid getting duped. if you have a need for speed, you won't believe the speed limit on t
us in this mess. >> the present has no plan. >> while president is in -- while president obama is seen by when virginia. >> question 5 concerning redistricting has breaking with party support. >> marilyn, if your a democrat running in one of these districts, you could be winnie the pooh or attila the hun, you could be elected. it is wrong because it creates these districts because people cannot figure out who represents them. they look like paint has been thrown up on the wall. >> is also a democrat and believes the redistricting process has embarrassed the state. meanwhile, in baltimore, a stole theesident sol spotlight. the campaign features leaders in the arts, sciences and politics. but president clinton did not spend all of his time discussing this year's election. >> it was not a very political speech. it was not until the question and answer session in the end where he gave his take on the current election. >> throughout this year's campaign, president clinton has been a major supporter president barack obama. for up-to-the-minute coverage, head to our website,. you can
seven people have died. the steroids were used as injections given to back pain patients from july-september. officials say the recall is precautionary and no indication any of their products were contaminated. today marks columbus day, a day of celebration of the italian- american heritage and culture. the columbus day parade will take place with about 35,000 parade participants. this year's grand marshal will be mario m. belgambelli. this fall pet lovers will have more to worry about than just searching for halloween costumes. the problem after the break. >> certainly feeling like fall out there. temperatures below normal right now. could that change for the seven- day? certainly 50 degrees at camden park. but the airport. but the airport. >> in consumer alert, more trouble after an article revealed pge is laid on bills. they owe millions for its use of the conduit system, which carries power and telecommunication lines. the late payments are causing cash flow problems for the city. the utility said it never received a bill for close to $5 million for may and is disputing charges
near where the governor just spoke about an hour ago. he updated us on conditions around the state as well as early voting, which resumes tomorrow with extended hours. >> yesterday at this time the mood was really low. people were working seriously. the governor said he was expecting the worst. today, he stressed a lot of relief. listen to what he had to say. >> we prepared for the worst. we were scared -- spare having to endure the worst. 308,000 of our citizens are without power. the good news is that utility crews were out there at dawn today. we thought they would have to shelter in place until heavy winds of the area but those heavy weapons left much sooner than anyone forecast. utility -- heavy winds left much sooner than anyone forecast. >> i want to bring you up-to- date on some things regarding transportation, roads and bridges. joining me now is the transportation secretary with some updates. how are things as far as mass transit? >> mass-transit we will of the up and running by noon today. we will also have paris transit service and subway service. we do anticipate havin
shut down at this time. tiffany alston is accused of using campaign money for what expenses bridge was found guilty of misdemeanor theft of misconduct after she reportedly used state funding to pay employee of for law office. she found her license -- she lost her license to practice law in maryland about two weeks ago. another meeting will be held today for residents to address concerns regarding the city's proposal to pay parts of patterson park. the controversial plan calls for creating a new loop to add 96 parking spots and will accommodate rec center renovations and a senior center and port -- opponents say would cut down on green speech -- green space. a fund raiser is scheduled this afternoon to help benefit the victim of the perry hall high school shooting. the mcdonald's will donate 25% of all food sales to the expenses. he suffered from down systems and was shot on the side of the torso on the first day of school. the fund raiser begins at 4:30 this afternoon. >> the rain ended this morning but it is still fairly cloudy and chilly outside. 57 degrees is the current tempera
pressure system leads us into saturday, just in time for the baltimore running festival. it will be on the chilly side. that second shot in cold air drops is down to the 30's and 40's for the overnight lows. downtown will be just a little warmer, starting off near 44 for the marathon. as the srt to wrap up the race, temperatures should be climbing into the 50's. overall, sunshine throughout the day. definitely want to dress in layers at that event. seven-day forecast, 42 tonight. 64, dimar. sunny on saturday. sunday, a few more clouds. next chance for rain on monday. >> in medical alert, the number of confirmed meningitis infections in maryland climbed to nine. the governor of massachusetts says the pharmacy responsible may have stepped outside of licensing restrictions. this interesting connected to the steroid use in contaminated injections that has sickened more than 130 people in 10 states. the governor says the pharmacy was supposed to fill specific prescriptions but instead made big batches of medication and sold them out of state. he says that was outside of the c
in place, or hunker down, for those of you counting how many times i use that phrase, we have 34 emergency shelters opened in the event of critical need. code enforcement is on hand to check property overnight. drinking water facilities are operational. backup generators have been checked and are operational as well. street sweepers are deployed today. it is difficult, with leaves still coming off the trees, but we are out there until it becomes too dangerous to do so. we all know that this is a very unpredictable storm and there will be real changes over the next few hours and days. for example, we expect sustained high winds for a long period of time, causing major power outages. because it will continue, it will take time before crews are able to clear debris from the roadway. focuses will be on safety first. every effort will be made to keep major roadways open, especially near our hospital infrastructure. the city will have predesignated routes for personnel and we are in touch with those hospitals. communicating those routes directly to the hospital. we will work closely with the pow
cords, one to another. that is a potential fire hazard. the more people who use better practices -- leaving it appliances plugged up, when you're cooking, leaving food unattended on the stove, and appropriately discarding smoking materials. a change -- and appropriately the starting smoking materials. -- inappropriately discarding smoking materials. >> anyone who does not have a smoke alarm should call 311 for a free one. >> officers were responding to a shooting at the 900 block of jack street. a man stepped in front of the police cruiser. officials say the in -- the accident is under investigation. police in anne arundel county made arrests in a deadly shooting. two friends, darren costa and matthew morrow or at a party that was eventually broken up by police. darren says a truck pulled up in front of their house. >> i said, who is that? the next thing we know, we got shot. >> matthew was rushed to the hospital, but died a short time later. police have arrested two people in connection with the shooting -- ronald mcleod and daniel savage. both face first-degree murder and other
that turned into homicides, a city police told us that a man shot personal -- multiple times just before 9:00 p.m. he died in shock trauma. police confirmed that the victim in wednesday night's shooting of the 4700 block of heights wa survived. the police department has identified detectives involved asreg boyd, michael voderick and todd stroman. strom and was shot in november 2010. it had the most contact with anthony anderson during last week's encounter. he died of blunt force trauma injury. henderson's family says those results -- support criminal consequences. >> they said he was faking because he did not want to go to jail and that is not true. toney suffered on that lot. he was handcuffed and suffered a and he died. we want these officers fired. we want them arrested. and we want them convicted. because if it was a normal citizen the committed homicide, they would be behind bars. >> officer boyd has been sued and found liable for using excessive force in the past. all three officers have been suspended. president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail talking to voters
able to identify the suspect for us, and our investigators have done research into recent contractors and maintenance workworkers in e area. >> people who live in this community are concerned. >> that is obviously a little scary and it makes you question the security in the community. just go to our web site if you would like to see a picture of the suspect. you can see it all there on our home page. >> a 21-year-old anne arundel county man faces 124 counts of animal cruelty. officers carried out various animals including a python, turtles, a baby, and a host of dogs and cats. some animals on the property were dead. taylor insists he spent his days caring for the animals. a murder suspect is back in baltimore county take. the 31-year-old is accused of killing his grandparents in their home last month. they were both in their 80's. their bodies were found after a neighbor was unable to contact them. he now faces a two counts of first-degree murder. a pair of police officers now face criminal charges for allegedly attacking a suspect in police custody. the officers faced several charges
us the latest. >> the fire started about 9 3:45 this morning and sent smoke and flames shooting into the air like nothing people in this neighborhood have ever seen. >> by the time i will, the house was fully engulfed. i saw the flames just shooting from the roof. >> wave after wave of a fire engines coming. i saw the plume of smoke. >> neighbors at the 1200 block of battery avenue woke to commotion. fire ripped through a three- story row home. fire officials said the blaze started on the first floor and spread up and over to the row homes on either side. luckily, no one was seriously injured five escaped from the home on fire. >> an elderly couple, two children, and an adult man. they were treated for mild smoke inhalation. >> the son of a couple in the home got a frantic phone call, thankful to find everyone safely at a neighbor's home. >> thank god they are ok. material things don't really matter to me. life is more important. >> a firefighter fell from a ladder but only suffered minor injuries. it took several hours to get the blaze under control because there was a lot of d
the bulk of the rain has pass north of us, we are still going to get isolated pockets of showers and maybe even thunderstorms. we are not done with the rain just yet. i do want to show you the temperatures real quick. this paint a good picture of how complicated it can be. annapolis is 74 degrees. bwi is 65. almost a 10 degree difference. right where we have all the cloud cover and most of the rain shower, the temperatures have had a hard time warming up. as you get down toward the eastern shore, they have been able to warm up a lot more. anywhere from baltimore to the north, you're likely to be stuck in the 60's through the majority of the day. current weather pattern showing a warm front missing the northern inland said. that is what -- a warm front in the northern atlantic. that is what is causing all of the showers right now. once this moves away, we get a break from all the rain. then we will have to watch joe for a cold front. this will make its way out of the dakotas. it is a powerful one with cold air behind it. you could see big changes in the temperatures as we look into next wee
areas to have to wade through floodwaters, people in wilson's. and other areas are used to flooding waters, but they say this was not nearly as bad as 2003's isabel. >> compared to isabelle, a piece of cake. my whole baseman had been flooded to the ceiling. >> this is mild, compared the late. -- comparatively. this is an ice storm, but compared to dispel -- is about, this is nothing. >> governor martin amount the remark o'malley will visit the eastern shore today, one of the hardest-hit areas. a lot of progress made today by being t&e cruz, but much of the state is still without power. the jeep is reporting 6000 customers without power. most of them are in baltimore county where nearly 23,000 -- 2300 are without power. the utility is still urging customers to report outages. the number for that, 1-877-778- 2222. for school and business closings, visit our website. you can find the latest on the sandy aftermath, including pictures and videos from our viewers. >> the weather should be fairly quiet for the next few days. it will be chilly, though. still a chance to see a fe
it back for anyone. we have no power, the mayor, the governor has no power. it is the law. therefore, use it or lose it. >> it is estimated 25,000 eligible homeowners and baltimore city have yet to apply. for more information contact the maryland state department of assessments and taxation. the number is 4107672165. you can have additional information about the tax on our website at, just click on project economy. >> cloud cover across the northern part of the state, a couple light sprinkles, all falling apart. this is a three or loop of the radar. see how the green and disappears. if you do to the last frame, just light sprinkles near aberdeen. the rain is ending. looks like amateurs should be bouncing back in the afternoon once the skies clear out. -- it looks like the temperatures should be bouncing back. >> thank you. in maryland mother suing the makers of monster energy drinks after she says her 14-year-old daughter died from caffeine toxicity. she consumed two 24 ounce cans of monster in 24 hours. the fda does not regulate energy drinks because they are considered a diet
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23